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Jodi Johnson

About Therapist Jodi Johnson, LMT, RMT

Jodi Johnson, LMT, RMT, is a therapist, healer, and teacher trained at The Upledger Institute, Life Energy Institute, and Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute. Her exploration of the healing arts began after experiencing a profound transformation of her own chronic health issues. As a graduate of three cranial sacral programs with more than 15 years of practice and study in the healing arts, she brings considerable knowledge and a deep respect for safety and the healing process to her practice. Jodi is devoted to facilitating her clients and students in accessing their own inner wisdom and healing. She has studied extensively and now teaches and practices in the fields of:

• Cranial Sacral Therapy
• Infant Cranial Sacral
• Water Cranial
• Trauma Release
• Essential Oils

Contact: Jodi Johnson at 602.400.0860 or jodi@therapies4health.com

Jodi Johnson

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