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Heal Your Mind and Spirit With Us

Through decades of personal healing, study, and teaching, our therapists bring their understanding and gentle touch to your body, mind, and spirit with these healing modalities. THERAPIES 4 HEALTH offers private and corporate services.

Cranial Sacral

Known as "the Rolls Royce of bodywork" (John Beaulieu, ND, PhD), cranial sacral is a light touch, non-invasive therapy that addresses restrictions in the Cranial Sacral System. This system includes the bones, membranes, and fluids of the cranium, spine, and pelvis. We reawaken the body's own healing mechanisms, restore health, and reverse the effects of stress, trauma, and aging. Expect a very relaxing, balancing, and nurturing experience. Water cranial sessions are also available and especially helpful for rebalancing the symptoms associated with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Cranial Sacral for Infants

Cranial Sacral is uniquely suited to babies' delicate systems. Research strongly suggests that the birth process is responsible for many brain dysfunctions and central nervous system problems. Everything from abnormalities in the bones of the head to feeding and sleeping problems can be helped or alleviated by cranial therapy. If carried out within the first few days of life, this virtually risk-free process could potentially reduce a wide variety of future difficulties. It's especially recommended for traumatic or cesarean births. Let your child benefit from this gentle, healing therapy.

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Trauma-Informed Trainings for Massage Therapists, Healthcare Providers, First Responders and Educators

Let us create a custom experiential course where your professional care providers will be offered an in-depth study of stress, anxiety, the trauma response, the Window of Tolerance (WOT), PolyVagal Theory, autonomic, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system disruptions and effective de-escalation techniques.

How to recognize stress, anxiety, the trauma response and the WOT will be covered. Participants will learn a how to recognize trauma in clients and themselves, explore the WOT, hyper- and hypo-arousal along with cutting edge techniques to trauma release and to support nervous system regulation.

Through in-depth lecture, demonstration and direct observation students will explore and learn to recognize the sources and effects of stress, anxiety and trauma on the human nervous system. Techniques will be utilized for their balancing effect on the nervous system of practitioners and caregivers and all those they interact with. Therapeutic techniques within the scope of practice for practitioners will be covered.

Trauma Release Techniques

Stress and trauma have a devastating effect on our health and vitality. That's why we work to release trauma from the body, to create space for life's joy to return. Gentle conversations, therapeutic touch and support are offered to allow the client to find ways to release, rebalance, and renegotiate past events, turning obstacles into opportunities. Contact us to learn more.