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How It Works

Imagine that you are a tree. Like a tree, you have a trunk (your spine) which gives you strength and flexibility. Like a tree you also have roots, which are the deep nerves that run down your spine to the ground beneath your feet. The crown of the tree is your arms, brain, and nervous system reaching to the sky.

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Your Spine—Your Tree of Life

At the core of each of us is a structural, neural, fluidic, and energetic system that shapes our bodies and lives. Like our own interior tree of life, the amazing and adaptable spinal column is our most interior structure. It houses the entire central nervous system and plays a part in everything from strength and stability to information transfer and health. The ability of the cranium, spine, and pelvis to support the body and conduct the information of the nervous system is central to our health and wellbeing. This tree-like system is referred to as the Cranial Sacral System.

Our therapy is often compared to a tree floating on a stream. The system is bathed in cerebral spinal fluid, and the restoration of internal fluidity returns vitality and potency to the body. A profound sense of peace and wellbeing can be experienced with the release of restrictions in the system. The process of cranial sacral therapy is like a tree being able to regain access to all the fluids and nutrients necessary for growth and metabolism and, in return, being able to easily release anything that is no longer of use.

Releasing Tension

Clients are often amazed at the tension stored in their bodies and how the release accomplished by this compassionate therapy can work so powerfully. You and your therapist start a session by setting your intentions. You're clothed in comfortable attire while lying on a massage table. Using gentle touch, the therapist palpates your system for blockages in the movement of fluid, connective tissue, or spinal system. A well-trained therapist uses specific techniques work with the body, mind, and spirit to release blockages and return a natural flow to the system. This can include methods that enhance communication and emotional release such as gentle stretches and light cranial holds.

Cranial Sacral therapy has been known to help heal and restore traumas and chronic disease ranging from headaches and chronic back pain to TMJ, injuries from car accidents, post-traumatic stress disorder, birth trauma, and nervous system and digestive disorders—and this just scratches the surface. Any pain, illness, or injury that requires outside intervention can be assuaged by this gentle, non-invasive therapy. Like a tree responding gracefully to the changing winds of life, Cranial Sacral therapy helps you move gently through your trauma and to return to a life brimming with health and vitality.

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